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Message from Mel & Mel
Saturday Morning Walks

Dear Neighbor,


As we’re walking and talking to folks here in Highlands, we find most people are in agreement on the issues we face: flooding, property taxes, Bay Avenue...It’s common to hear that we agree on the problems, but not the solutions.


We believe this: everyone is a little bit right. We need to honor the history of our town, AND move it forward. We need to invest in our future, AND be mindful of costs. We need to join with neighboring communities, AND foster a communal spirit right here in Highlands. 


As candidates, our greatest desire is to bring folks together in common cause. Not everybody is going to be happy with each thing that happens in town. The most important thing is to take action with a long view, so we can look back and be glad we invested where and when we could, especially in our community and in our kids.


If you see us knocking on doors in a little blue Fiat, pull over and let us know your thoughts, or fill out our survey here at


We are serious and hopeful, and we’re ready for action.


All Hands On Deck,


Melissa & Melanie

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