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So, who are you guys?

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Melissa Cavaluzzi

Melissa Cavaluzzi is Director of Nursing for a local non-profit health care agency providing support for individuals with mental and physical health challenges. Her success as an administrator is due to long-term strategic planning and a skill at identifying federal, state and local resources, all while being accountable to the tax payer for every dollar. She believes it is possible to invest and be careful with funds at the same time. Her son, Louis, a 21-year-old man with non-verbal autism, loves to help make pickles and jam straight from the garden, and go for power walks in Hartshorne. Her husband, Richard, commutes on the Seastreak to his job at NYU Medical Center. A life-long New Jerseyan, Melissa likes to do yoga in the back yard and sing along when Richard plays the piano.

Melanie Henley Heyn

Melanie Henley Heyn is an opera singer who started working toward a Masters in Government during the pandemic. Growing up on a sawmill in rural Pennsylvania, and then performing in cities all over the world, she follows in her father's footsteps with a desire to bring folks together on issues they can agree on. Long a champion of environmental causes, Melanie believes that conservation of natural resources is a local issue that most folks support. Her husband, Daniel, recently led a project to make a lithium-free battery for large-scale energy storage, and is currently Director of Engineering for the largest solar inverter provider in the country. Melanie likes to help friends out when she can, and jam at the Water Witch on Wednesday nights.

How did you meet?

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Once upon a time in quarantine,

Melissa & Melanie met volunteering

at the voter registration booth.

“I'm stuck in my house,” said Melissa.

“OMG, me, too,” said Melanie.

“We should get out and go for a walk.”

And they did.

They walked every weekday all through the pandemic. 

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So what did they talk about as they walked?

 Their town, of course. 


They talked about flooding
as they walked down the shore.


They talked about property taxes on the bench in Veteran's Park.

They talked about infrastructure in Hartshorne Woods.


They talked about local history up at the Battery.


One day, Melanie read that no one was running for Council. She drove right down to the municipal trailer and picked up two applications.
“We’re running for Council,” she said.
“Yeah, we are,” said Melissa.

And they did.

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